Technology to Benefit the Young

VisiSound is dedicated to providing beneficial multimedia programs and apps to children and young people. Believing that both visual art and music can be combined to offer young peole more than either alone, VisiSound has provided a variety of interactive multimedia prorams over the last ten years that integrate both. Voicepainter™ ( is one of a number of programs we've developed to give young people the opportunity to be creative in artistic and positive ways.. NoteStrokes™ is software in which music and sound literally paint-out images. The multimedia renditions produced by kids are compelling and impart impressions to those that experience them that are "unforgettable" and even "inspiring". Currently we are introducing I-nitials on the web - an app that allows kids to create art with people's initials and share positive message and art with others..

The company was founded by Dr. Tom Riedl, a Technologist and Psychologist (to read about Tom, Click Here). Tom believes that applying key principles of Psychology to state-of-the-art software technology allows for the creation of more effective and compelling multimedia video renditions. The company produces, licenses and sells software and multimedia renditions to organizations interested in enhancing their presence on websites, at events and in the marketplace.
To experience sample renditions produced by VisiSound and to learn more about them, click the links on the left side-bar.